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Vexing Question

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What makes soap bubbles hold together?


Created, written, and voiced by Rasa Smith and Jeremy N. Smith

Produced by Rasa Smith, Jeremy N. Smith, Marc Danon, and Ginelle Hustrulid

Production designer: Makenzie Ley

Supervising producer: Vlad Kozlov

3D character design: Makaela Kindell

Animators: Tyana Ackerman, Jose Arciga, Ashley Bolin, Esmeralda Cisneros, Rachel Ferrell, Jaden Fisher, Savannah Johnson, Makaela Kindell, Vlad Kozlov, Miles Lanham, Ben Riddle, Anna Sharpes, and Jacqueline Swanson

Sequence intros: Makaela Kindell

Traffic Lights: Miles Lanham and Ben Riddle

Cats and Dogs: Rachel Ferrell and Savannah Johnson

Muscles: Vlad Kozlov

Blood: Ashley Bolin and Anna Sharpes

Youngest President: Jaden Fisher and Jacqueline Swanson

Soap Bubbles: Tyana Ackerman and Esmeralda Cisneros

Gold and Silver: Jose Arciga

Music by Thurniture

Special thanks: Nate Biehl, Ray Ekness, Caitlin Hofmeister, Sam Manno, Tim McKeon, Simeon Mills, and the Design Program at Eastern Washington University